"As for man, his days are like grass; as a flower of the field, so he flourishes.
When the wind has passed over it, it is no more, and its place acknowledges it no longer.
But the lovingkindness of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him..."
~Psalm 103:15-17a

New Year's Day

So, you are probably all wondering what Beth does on New Year's Day. You were celebrating the holiday with your family and friends and suddenly you thought, "I wonder what Beth is doing today? What does she do to celebrate New Year's anyway? I know, I'll check her blog later tonight to see if she wrote anything about her day!"




Or not




But I'm going to tell you about my exciting day anyway.  :)

Okay, well it probably isn't that exciting, but I enjoyed it.  Besides, I think I should write on my blog more often, and this is what's going on right now.  You don't have to read this, you know.

But if you are still reading and really want to know, here goes:

First thing this morning, at 8:00 AM (which is usually sleeping in, but is early since I went to bed at 1:30 last night, er, this morning), one of our foster kids woke me up...she didn't stay up late last night.  So, I got up to get her and myself ready for the day.  After breakfast (yummy pancakes, compliments of Dad), I spent some time in the Word and doing laundry (not at the same time...).

Then, to start out the new year right, I went out for a walk/jog/run with Maria on her bike.  We didn't go far, but it was far enough for me.  :)

After lunch I headed to campus for a Bible study with a student.  After that came the really fun part of the day: moving Sarah into my office and rearranging the furniture!!

To begin with, picture a smallish office with plain white walls (except for the yellow sticky tack stuck in various places on the wall, remnants of some former poster that has been long gone), a sectional couch that wraps around half the room, various boxes and bags with supplies, a desk and an empty bookshelf.

After a couple hours of talking, moving furniture (including a really heavy desk that we had to scoot, one side at a time, across the room and turn around - this would be the second part of my excersise for the day - a really great workout; we figured that desk weighed at least 200 pounds), talking, setting out books and papers, talking (hey, we're girls; what can I say?), hanging up pictures and having a deep theological discussion, Sarah was officially moved in.  Yay!  Now I have an office mate!  AND the office now looks a lot greater!

Now picture this: a smallish office, still with plain white walls (except for the spots where we accidentally took some paint off when we peeled off the ancient sticky tack) but walls that now have lovely pictures, a huge painted Chinese fan (covering up most of the peeled paint and ancient sticky tack spots) and Chinese knots hanging on them, two desks (neatly organized...or at least the tops are), a small end table with a Christmas basket full of pinecones and other appropriate decorations (some of which are cinnamon scented so the room smells better, too), a nice bookshelf with some books and small decorations and instead of a big couch, we have only two small chair sized sections of it.  The room looks so nice and cozy now!  And best of all, I have an office mate to share it with!!!  (We'll try not to spend all/half our time talking, I promise!)

At home again, I did some more laundry, had dinner and then visited with a family friend who was in town for the weekend.  Now it's time for a bit more laundry (there's a lot of laundry in a family with eight people in it!) and then bed.

That was my New Year's Day.  What did you do on yours?