"As for man, his days are like grass; as a flower of the field, so he flourishes.
When the wind has passed over it, it is no more, and its place acknowledges it no longer.
But the lovingkindness of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him..."
~Psalm 103:15-17a

Bits and Pieces 4

  • Dr. Chittick taught Creation, and did an excellent job.  He is so gracious and kind...even in talking about the people who argue against him.  There was a lot of evidence that he presented in class regarding Creation, the Flood, dinosaurs, the Ice Age, the age of the earth, etc.  Here are some of the main points from his class:

    • When you argue with someone, don't argue about the evidence; we all have the same evidence; instead, discuss worldviews.

    • "The correctness of an explanation can be discerned by checking it against reality."

    • "Time magazine says that humans and chimps have 98-99 percent identical DNA.  By using a percentage, it ignores the fact that there is still 125 million DNA base pairs that are different.  According to DNA percentages, mice are more closely related to man than are chimps."

    • He also talked a lot about how advanced ancient civilizations were.  For example, there is evidence of solar powered hot air balloons in Peru.  Nicotine was found in Egyptian mummies, but it was only grown in South America - evidence that there was trade over the ocean.  "Newer archaeological evidence from South America indicates early advanced skull surgery."  Also, there are 20,000 ton stones that they moved...compared to the 2000 ton stones that our best machines can move today.

  • Dr. Joey Dodson taught the book of Philippians.  He was a great teacher...entertaining (he has a great ping pong ball disappearing act), but also able to be serious and teach God's Word well.

    • "The heart loves what the mind thinks about; the will does what the heart loves."

    • "Before Paul talks to men about God, he talks to God about men."

    • "If I had only three years to serve Christ, I would spend the first two in study." (Billy Graham quoting Charles Spurgeon)

    • Don't look for validation from people; don't take your eyes off God; don't compromise to fit in with others; don't worry about what people say.

    • Realize that people are made in God's image, so we must treat them accordingly.

    • There's a difference between serving and being a servant.  Being a servant:

      • Embrace the ministry of the mundane

      • Ministry of interruption - allowing people to interrupt your plans/schedule

      • Holding your tongue - listen

      • Bear others' burdens.

    • If we're argumentative or if we talk a lot, we're probably not humble.

    • What Paul does as a leader, and what we should do:

      • Communicate

      • Appreciate privately

      • Recognize publicly

      • Encourage (not just by letting people know what they're doing well, but also telling them what they need to know)

    • Forget the past and press on towards the future...what's distracting you from pursuing God?

    • Paul still even cries for the lost - even though they are the ones who have been persecuting him; he has great passion and heart for the lost.  Do you love Christ?  Do you cry for the lost?

Traveling Home

Well, I made it home!  While school ended on Friday, it was much cheaper to fly home during the week, so I stayed at my roommate's home for a few days.  Her family and mine are friends from Ecuador, so we have known each other for several years now.  It was nice to hang out with her family for a while and relax.

On the flight home yesterday, I got into a deep conversation with a gentleman on the airplane.  I told him I was going to Bible school, which began a discussion about studying the Bible.  Apparently, his way of studying the Bible is to look at the parts that give good moral sayings or present some principles to live by and then ignore the parts of the Bible that he finds "hard to swallow."  We discussed whether Abraham was just hallucinating when he "heard a voice" telling him to sacrifice his son or whether God was actually talking to him.  He also brought up homosexuality as an example of something he can't believe...while the Bible says that practicing homosexuality is a sin, he can't believe that because he thinks that science shows that it is natural.  And since it is natural, it cannot be a sin.  Since that is such a complicated subject, I just tried to point out that other sins, such as disobeying your parents, are also natural and yet still considered sin.  I also had a chance to tell him a bit about my personal experience with God - how God has changed my life and how He has answered my prayers.  I don't know how much this conversation helped him...I pray that God will somehow use it in his life to draw him to Christ...but it was at any rate, a good experience for me.  It was the first time I've had a deep conversation like that while traveling...hopefully I'll have more chances! :)

On a lighter note, apparently you are not allowed to carry items without your knowledge in the airport.  An announcement in the Cincinnati airport alerted me to that fact...causing me to laugh aloud...and wonder how to know if I'm carrying things without my knowledge.